Ryan's Bio

Past, Present, and Future

He has practiced in Orange County since college and wrote the curriculum for UCI's DCE Accounting Program which he currently teaches for and is on the board. In 2018, Ryan received the UC Irvine Distinguished Board Member of the Year Award. Ryan has served on the Board of the Chapman University Accounting Society and was the Director of Firm Relations. Ryan also was an instructor for one of the largest Educational Institutions in the Country, Becker Professional Education for the better part of a decade. Ryan has mentored and taught several hundred accountants studying to become CPAs. Ryan lectured on topics such as Taxation, Auditing, GAAP Accounting, Information Technology Risks, Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Business Law, UCC Regulations, CPA Ethics, Contracts, and others.


While still practicing as a CPA, he founded & seeded a successful start-up company in the Consumer Electronics Industry in 2009 of which he was a major shareholder. Ryan closed on a successful MBO in 2014 to dedicate his energies into growing his clients' businesses through the practice's Business Advisory Services and to spend mentoring and raising his two sons.

Ryan has handled and represented many IRS audits and appeals for the area of the Real Estate Professional Status under IRC Sec 469. Ryan has been very successful in this area of tax controversy. Ryan has also represented manufacturing companies before the IRS and the Defense Contract Audit Agency. Ryan has worked with Defense Contractors for most of his career.

Ryan has served as interim CFO for multiple companies and currently serves on the Board of Directors for multiple companies in the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Private Equity Real Estate Spaces.

Ryan further is on the Leadership Team for Saddleback Church's Stewardship Ministries. Ryan is in charge of the San Clemente Campus and advises on offerings to multiple campuses. Programs include budgeting, giving, estate planning, and principals of stewardship. Ryan has been volunteering and attending Saddleback church since he was 18.

Ryan is a Certified Kingdom Advisor, an advanced specialty certification given after Saddleback Church Pastor sponsorship and extensive education and coursework about Biblical Principals of stewardship. Ryan was the host of a Kingdom Advisors group in Carlsbad connecting Christian Financial Professoinals in North San Diego County. Ryan is trained as an instructor for the Journey of Generosity Retreat Education through Generous Giving. Ryan has been the instructor/facilitator for multiple Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey's 9 week program) studies at multiple Saddleback Church Campus Locations. Ryan is an active supporter and donor to the initiatives and efforts of the PEACE plan and local PEACE centers and efforts. PEACE centers offer free community services such as after school tutoring, English as a Second Language, healthcare/clinic, and Food Pantries for the poor and needy in Orange County comminuties. Ryan has enjoyed volunteering in dozens of Nonprofit programs over the years, such as the Compton Initiative (with Ryan literally on a ladder painting the eaves of inner city homes), multiple Boy Scout Eagle Scout projects, Inland Valley Shelter, Various Church Fundrasers, Catechism, NEGU, Veterans Support, Orange and Newport Beach Police Departments, Orange County Rescue Mission, Inner City Schools and others. Ryan has several years of experience as a bible study group leader broaching all facets of  life's challenges.

Ryan is also a graduate of the Inaugurial Candidate Academy Program which equips business & community leaders to better understand how to work with state, local, and federal agencies and to understand the political process. Ryan then joined the Government Relations Committee of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce (one of the largest chambers in the United States) listening and inquiring on various programs that effect major issues in San Diego and Orange Counties. These issues include unsafe housing of Marines on Camp Pendleton, SANDAG traffic congestion and public transportation issues, challenges and budget shortfalls of local hospitals, community programs, Highway 78 corridor economic development, employment, job training, junior colleges, and issues of transporting spent radioactive material from the now decommissioned SANGS Nuclear Power Facility in San Clemente. Ryan has also been a part of lobbying for legislative reform in the areas of CPA portability with the California CPA Society (CalCPA) and has traveled to the State Capital in Sacramento to meet with several State Congressman and other CPA lobbyists. Ryan has also met with multiple State, Local, and Federal Leaders including multiple United States Congressman on topics of legislative tax reform and community specific issues and budget discussions with South Orange County community leaders. Ryan helped form a Super PAC (Political Action Committee) on Tax Reform with other CPAs for which he sits on the Board. The "Tax Reform PAC" www.taxreformpac.org serves to preserve and advance tax incentives for charitable giving to support local churches, charities, hospitals, and other community and civic activities. Ryan is a strong believer in diverting government resources and encouraging giving to local community support organizations to meet the needs of the local community. 

Ryan is also a supporter and donor of other organizations through his family's "Christian Education Fund" such as Christian Stewardship Network, Pastors.Com, Daily Hope, Kingdom Advisors, Shady Canyon Scholarship Fund, and Christian Mental Health Research Organizations. Ryan has also attended intensive education programs, conferences, studies, and research on Mental Health. Ryan is a supporter and donor to "Mental Health and the Church" and "NAMI". These organizations help equip families and sufferers of Mental Health. Ryan's lifelong friend quietly suffered a battle with mental health and took his own life. Our church family also suffered the loss of Pastor Rick Warren's son, Matthew Warren. Ryan is also a donor and supporter of the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Deputy Foundation. Ryan's brother, Matthew, is a Sheriff's Deputy for Contra Costa County and works to connect inmates with community and mental health resources. Matt presents, along with program leaders, to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors.

Ryan graduated from Ontario Christian High School. Ryan was active in student body government, leadership, Chapel planning, logistics, AV, and won a CIF Football Championship his Senor Year. Ryan volunteered in many church and civic functions throughout these years with his Grandmother, an Appeals Judge for the State of California. Ryan assisted in public hearings and forums on multiple topics such as fighting the constitutional battle to preserve the First Amendment Right to Free Speech through defending the right to display the famous nativity scenes up and down Euclid Avenue in Ontario CA. Ryan's grandparents were active pillars of the Ontario, CA community.

When he started at Chapman University, Ryan wanted to make a difference in his community. Ryan majored in Business and Organizational Administration prior to changing his major to Accounting. Ryan served as a City Management Intern and at the same time worked in Traffic for the Orange Police Department. Ryan worked on a broad range of projects and job duties. Ryan worked on the published several hundred page city budget, creation and presentation of the televised City budget to the Community and City council. In traffic, Ryan enforced OMC violations, traffic violations, assisted in traffic control at the scene of dozens of accidents, and worked DUI Checkpoints. Ryan was well known by local business owners for walking the Orange Circle on each shift and getting to know the needs and concerns of local business owners. Ryan communicated his thoughts and strategies to City Council Members, much against organizational political pressures to do otherwise.

Ryan grew up in the tech epicenter that is the San Francisco Bay Area. Ryan was part of a young leaders program that lobbied for the banning of clear cutting of trees. Ryan, along with these young leaders, visiting PALCO and met with executive leaders to discuss their plans to offset their clear cutting impact on the environment. PALCO was the largest logging and lumber mill in the State of California, prior to filing for bankruptcy in 2008. Ryan grew up around the influences of very active parents in the business and local community. Ryan's father spent 35 years as a top Information Technology Strategist for Chevron Oil Company. He led teams for various initiatives such as the Golf Chevron and Chevron Texaco mergers. He was also the head of strategic sourcing providing strategy on human capital initiatives around the globe. He also served as a leader of Chevron's Upstream initiatives. He is renowned as a global IT thought leader and advised Chevron Oil Company on the forefront of Big Data and AI. Ryan's stepmother was also well known for serving roles such as an an Officer of one of the largest Tech Startups during the .COM boom. Ryan enjoyed spending time growing up at Chevron's global headquarters in San Ramon, CA. Ryan was exposed to the culture and happenings of one of the largest companies in the world. Ryan jokes that he could never understand what his dad did.. he assumed that he answered emails, traveled all other, had meetings, and talked on the phone all day.

Ryan's Mother was (and is) a women's rights activist and supporter. She was involved in Bay Area initiatives such as providing clothes and interview skills to women, self defense training, asserting boundaries, and was one of the first whistle-blowers of sexual misconduct and harassment in the workplace during the 80s. She, along with other victims, put this issue on the radar of other women after going against a large bay area company that was defending a high profile executive. She was also interviewed on television for her work with women and the homeless. She has written, spoken, lectured, and taught seminars and programs to Airline Pilots, Corporate Groups, Women's Groups, and in various Public Schools. She believes that women should have a voice and should be trained to defend themselves. She still stays active in helping women and children overcome domestic abuse and violence.

Ryan's stepfather is a retired San Francisco Police Officer, SWAT Team Member, and Dignitary Detail Officer. He was stationed at SFO for most of his career and got to protect, meet, and shake hands with Politicians, Heads of State, Presidents (Carter, Clinton, Reagan, Obama), and UN leaders. He is specially trained and worked closely with Security Officials and the US Secret Service. He spent the latter part of his career after 9/11 at the airport working to keep people safe, sacrificing his family time to often even sleep at work because of the intense public safety needs.

Ryan also attributes his development to so many important mentors in his life. 

Ryan's grandfather, whom taught him so much, was a WW2 Tank Commander that later went on to working for Lockheed Martin working on projects such as building the flight recorders that went up into space on the Apollo Missions. He enjoyed being a bodybuilder as a hobby and trained his Combat Veteran son to become an multiple title holding body builder whom worked out with and competed the likes of Joe Weider and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Besides being a Muscular Development cover model and expert on nutrition and exercise, he is a Cal Poly and USC graduate that has succeeded in various organizations.

Ryan's grandmother was also a great influence. She built aircraft gauges and defense parts for the War effort. She worked from a very young age and ended up running and helping to build a chain of restaurants as a manager. She instilled the values of hard work and education. 

Since he was 18, Ryan has enjoyed the mentorship and guidance from his college councilor Hank Adler, CPA. Hank is a retired Partner from Deloitte, Servant Leader, and Professor at Chapman University. Hank has served on countless boards and notably has served on the board of Hoag Hospital and Corinthian Colleges.

Ryan also reflects fondly on the almost ten years of mentorship from the local firm's partner Mike Martin, CPA. Mike is a decorated Eagle Scout and Silver Beaver, Man of Character, and recipient of various acknowledgements from the Boy Scouts of America and Orange County Council. Mike started his firm in the 70s with his partners and grew it into one of the larger CPA firms in Orange County. Mike was instrumental in establishing Ryan's professional development.

Ryan also enjoyed the mentorship and guidance from Partners at Aldrich Services (Formerly AKT). Ryan was blessed and fortunate to work with some of the brightest servant leaders in the industry. Aldrich Services' CEO and Partners (Formerly AKT) sponsored Ryan and his firm to be a member of CPAConnect/CPAmerica. He couldn't be more grateful for his time at the firm.

When asked, "what client played an important part of your growth as a CPA", Ryan shared the following about a special person. Ryan wrote his college Capstone Project (Thesis) on Ceradyne, Inc. Ceradyne manufactures Advanced Technical Ceramics. Ceradyne invented and manufactured the XSAPI body armor used in the Iraq and subsequent military efforts. Through his $50,000 investment in 1967, money that he borrowed from his wife's "kid" fund, founded Ceradyne. Through his dedication as a ceramics engineer, he saved countless lives and impacted millions by developing everything from helicopter armor, ballistic troup helmits, light vehicle armor, and even ceramic orthodontics brackets to rid the world of "metal mouth" for 3M. Joel sold the publicly traded Ceradyne to 3M for about a billion dollars. Joel was tirelessly dedicated to supporting schools and his community. Joel gave tens of millions to build dorms, community centers, and to advance the right for Israel to exist as a nation through support of the IDF and other organizations. Joel Moskowitz lost his battle with Cancer shortly after his retirement. Working with Joel during my college years and the years that followed was such a treat. Joel always went out of his way to make me feel like I mattered. Joel created signage on my visit for my capstone project at reception and had top leaders of the company take me on tours of the various facilities and factory floors. Joel never stopped putting the extra effort into encouraging the best for those around him. Joel expanded the company into many areas such as solar technology and even developed, in partnership with ALCOA, transport containers to move spent radioactive material from locations such as SONGS and other parts of the world. His wisdom and encouragement were priceless to Ryan. He is missed. 

When interviewed, Ryan had such an extensive list of mentors and influences beyond those mentioned.

Outside of his commitments, Ryan is an car fanatic. Ryan is highly knowledgeable and technical in automotive and consumer electronics. Ryan has years of experience working on electrical components in vehicles. Ryan jokes that he has probably run miles and miles of cabling and has soldered and used tens of thousand of connectors in well over 1,000 automobiles. His automotive consumer technology company was nationally ranked by major Automotive Consumer Technology Companies such as Alpine Electronics and Elettromedia.

Ryan lives with his wife and two sons in San Clemente, California.

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Ryan is excited at continuing to grow Bourque CPAs + Business Advisors on the foundations that define the firm's culture. Ryan thrives on helping and serving business owners and helping them to achieve their goals.. personally and professionally.

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